My Digital Life: My SenseBoard Kit

My Digital Life: My SenseBoard Kit

My Digital Life: My SenseBoard Kit

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The SenseBoard is a powerful, flexible and yet simple-to-use hardware kit that can be used as the heart of a thousand different projects. Through the SenseBoard, you will be experimenting with its temperature, motion and light sensors. It has been designed to be a fun introduction to computing and basic programming skills. It works with Sense, a drag-and-drop programming environment that will allow you to develop rich multimedia programmes within minutes.

Sensors & Infrared LED
Stepper Motor
Base Clips
Power Base
Base Board

The SenseBoard works with all types of computers, and with Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems

See for an overview of the board and on how to create programs using Sense and the SenseBoard.

See for help with the installation of Sense.

Discounts are available on extra SenseBoard kits for customers who have purchased the TU100 Teacher's pack. Please contact customer Services for details.

There is a Teachers Resource pack available here.

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  • ISBN: 9781780073958
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